Arts and Crafts

Baker Lake has long been known for its fine arts and for beautiful made crafts items. In the 1950s, printmakers from Baker Lake pioneered the art of printmaking in the North, achieving global recognition for their skill in carving the soapstone plates and in producing hand-pulled prints. This art form is currently being revived by a local printmakers group.

Soapstone carvings from artists in Baker Lake are highly regarded in the art world. The designs are varied and powerful, many done in a beautiful black stone. Two major galleries, Ookpiktuyuk and Baker Lake Fine Arts, offer a superb selection of carvings, fabric wall hangings, traditional tools, clothing, and jewellery. The Jessie Oonark Centre produces silkscreened “wearable art” and also has a small gift shop. Several local women produce exquisite custom-designed clothing.

Arts and craft items can be purchased at the Jessie Oonark Centre, the Ookpiktuyuk Art Gallery, the Baker Lake Fine Arts and Crafts and the Qamani’tuaq Fine Arts.