The Kazan Heritage River

The Kazan River flows through the cradle of Caribou Inuit Culture, in the heart of Nunavut’s barren lands. Over the centuries, the Inuit have left a subtle imprint on the rugged landscape of the Kazan valley, where tree cover is rare and the rocky outcrops of the Shield are dramatically exposed. The banks of the Kazan are rich with signs of former occupation, including inuksuit standing sentinel at river crossings, campsites and caches. This unique concentration of historic and prehistoric sites adds a fascinating atmosphere to a visitor’s experience.

The apparently barren wilderness lies on the migration route of the 500,000 strong Qamanirjuaq caribou herd – one of the largest movements of land mammals in the world. It also is home to numerous muskox, the rare wolverine, and more than 60 species of birds. The endangered peregrine falcon nests along the river, favouring the spectacular cliff sides of Kazan Falls, and the river’s pure waters support an array of fish, including lake trout and grayling.