The Ukkusiksalik National Park

The Ukkusiksalik National Park is located just south of the community of Repulse Bay and the Arctic Circle and surrounds Wager Bay, a 100-km-long saltwater inlet on the northwest coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavut. The park is accessible by scheduled flights from either Winnipeg or Yellowknife via Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, or Repulse Bay. The Ukkusiksalik National Park covers 20,500 sq. km.

Named after the soapstone found within its boundaries, the park protects important habitat for caribou, muskox, polar bear, grizzly bear, golden eagles and many other arctic wildlife species. The landscape of Ukkusiksalik features eskers, mudflats, cliffs, rolling tundra banks and unique coastal regions and it is the first national park to encompass almost an entire watershed. Wager Bay is important to local Inuit communities as a hunting ground, and also because of its cultural significance. More than 500 archaeological sites are located within the park.

The Park offers many activities like: camping, hiking, wildlife viewing. It is highly recommended that visitors hire a local outfitter to take them into the park due to the high polar bear population.

The communities of Baker Lake and Repulse Bay are located near the park. Contact the Economic Development Officer at Hamlet of Baker Lake for more information and for a list of licensed outfitters in the region.